Yoga Session With Brutie Boy and Hopie

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With this video, I invite you to join me on my 1,000 mile trip from Santa Monica, to Williams, Arizona (first night stay), to my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

You will see that my traveling companion is my therapy cat/little boy Hopie, who quietly sits on my lap the whole way as I drive the long distance.

As a 23 month pancreatic cancer-free thriver, this was a very important trip for me. I had to face many fears I acquired on my caner journey:
“Would I be emotionally, physically, and mentally strong enough to drive the whole way by myself?”
“Would I have to use supplemental oxygen in Santa Fe, altitude 7,200 feet, because of my prior blood clots from chemotherapy? My high altitude simulation test at UCLA indicated that my oxygen saturation would drop below 90 at an altitude of 8,000 feet.”
“Would I be able to run and walk long distances in the arroyos like I used to do with my beloved Brutie Boy?”
“Would I have to sell my home in Santa Fe because it was too far for me to drive with Hopie?”
“Should I buy new items I love, even though I might eventually die from cancer?”

This is the first of many wonderful videos from my trip and time in my Santa Fe home.

I am happy to report that I TRIUMPANTLY CONQUERED ALL MY FEARS and am AS STRONG, VIBRANT, RADIANT, JOYFUL as I ever was prior to cancer. And, my cancer journey has made me MORE THANKFUL ABOUT BEING BLESSED IN SO MANY WONDERFUL WAYS.