We walk the same path and understand the shared journey. We inspire and uplift each other. We are grateful to be alive and embrace each day – whatever it may bring. We cast out FEAR and move forward boldly, healing body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I welcome each and every one of you to this interactive HUB.

I invite your participation in our mutual learning and sharing. I hope to inspire you and direct you to others who will educate and inspire you. In return, I look forward to being inspired by you – your cancer journey, your questions, your successes and fears, your search for particular resources.

I hope to build a global community that is like a healthy bee hive: each bee has a purpose, a job that is important for the health of the whole; each bee has something to offer in the rich production of honey (or healing).

This HUB is my Love Letter to God and cancer patients around the world. It is a FREE service – no charge to anyone who wishes to participate. Please share with your family, friends, community and anyone else who is suffering and in need of a Safe Place in their personal storm.   ~ Judith Anne Desjardins 

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