Hopie The Therapy Cat Explorer

I have shared other videos of my Boy in action, but this one is the absolute BEST.

At age 10-1/2, this boy is agile, athletic, healthy, and very, very bright! He has an insatiable desire to use his tree house and limbs of the tree to gain access to the fence that adjoins the neighbor’s yard.

This is no longer an option for him because he jumped into their yard one time and had a hard time climbing back into our yard. It also put the neighbor’s elder cat in danger.

As you can see in this video, Hopie is exploring all the “escape routes” that used to be there. I had to put chicken wire closures over each of them – which he doesn’t like.

This Boy is so intelligent and determined, I do not doubt that he will come up with another scheme.

I pray you will be as determined as he is in your Battle with Cancer.

We send you LOVE and PRAYERS for HEALING!